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Sydney Opera House during Vivid 2010.

Vivid Sydney – A Festival of Light, Music & Ideas

Vivid Sydney – A Festival of Light, Music & Ideas

If you’ve spent some time in Sydney during May/June, then you know about the Vivid Festival. This year, it’s on till Sunday 9 June.

Check out the official site at

If you have some Japanese friends visiting in Sydney, make sure you take them along – they will never forget this for as long as they live! It’s really one of the most memorable things you’ll ever see.

The below photo is one I took during Vivid 2010. As you can see, it’s the perfect event for all of you aspiring and professional photographers 🙂

Sydney Opera House during Vivid 2010.
Sydney Opera House during Vivid 2010.

Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival 2014

Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival 2014 – Sunday February 2, 13:00-17:00

Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival 2014

Many of you are already familiar with the popular Japanese Matsuri in Sydney’s Tumbalong Park.  Did you know Melbourne has been hosting their own Matsuri in Federation Square since 2010? If I was in Melbourne, I know I’d be going! So if you’re in the vicinity on the 2nd of Feb, why not check it out? Facebook page here. Official website here.

From the Official Website;

The Summer Festival or ‘natsu matsuri’ is an annual event throughout Japan and comes to life once more here in the heart of Melbourne, Federation Square.
Since its inception in 2010, the festival has grown enormously, doubling its attendance to reach 10,000 people in 2011. Traditionally held to honour one’s ancestors, the festival features the ‘bon odori’, a dance performed in a circle whilst wearing cotton kimono known as ‘yukata’.
At the Melbourne festival, visitors are encouraged to learn and join in the dance. In addition, the festival showcases a number of performances, including Taiko Drumming, Shamisen and martial arts!
The festival will also be packed with a wide range of stalls with traditional Japanese games, activities and food – including the favourites sushi, okonomiyaki and bento.
Another big attraction of the day will be the chance to win one of the fantastic raffle prizes, including the first prize to fly to Japan!

Some highlights this year include (source: “Performances” webpage)

  • Taiko Drumming – Wadaiko Rindo
  • Bon Odori Dancing – Murasaki no Kai
  • Shamisen Performance – George & Noriko (a unique mix of shamisen and blues – I’ve seen these guys on TV, they are awesome!)
  • Koto Performance – Brandon Lee
  • Budo  – Bujinkan Dojo

If you’ve been to both festivals in the past, feel free to share your thoughts on them… nothing like a good old fashioned Sydney VS Melbourne discussion 🙂 Personally, I’ve never been to the Melbourne Matsuri, but I think their logo wins! Whatcha reckon?

Sydney Festival 2014 – January 9-26

Sydney Festival 2014

From January 9-26, it’s on! As always, loaded with music, dance, opera, art and much much more! Even the giant rubber duck is back!sydfest

Whether you go every year, or you plan on making this your first – be sure to stay up to date with the official facebook page here and the official website here.

Recommended: Leandro Erlich – Art Installation

Merchants Store is an installation art consisting of a large mirror which is angled towards the ground where people lie down on the artwork. Their image is reflected, casting the illusion that they are defying gravity.  It just so happens, that Erlich recently exhibited in an exhibition (Anti-Gravity) held at the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art in Toyota City Japan only recently where a similar installation was on show.

シドニーフェスティバル2014現在開催中!フェースブックとホームページでご覧ください。 この最大級のフェスティバルで音楽、ダンス、オペラ、アート等。巨大のアヒルちゃんも再登場!最近豊田市美術館で「反重力」で展示したエルリッヒのアートもダーリングハーバーで展示されています!