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Local Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) Blooming

Some local sakura (cherry blossoms) are finally blooming!

Our previous post about flowers was about weeping plum blossoms, which begin to bloom first.

It’s so nice to see some cherry blossom blooms! Soon, they’ll be blooming everywhere 🙂 We are looking forward to taking plenty of pics and posting them as soon as we can. There are a couple of great spots for sakura in the area, so you won’t be disappointed.

This photo, taken today, is of a cherry blossom tree which is located on the grounds of a local church in Nagoya.

Local Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) Blooming
One of the first trees in the area to bloom
Weeping Plum Blossoms - March 2014

Weeping Plum Blossoms

Weeping Plum Blossoms

Weeping Plum Blossoms - Nagoya, Japan - March 2014
Weeping Plum Blossoms – Nagoya, Japan – March 2014

Weeping plum blossoms are the first variety of flower to hit the population with a bang just about as soon as Spring begins.

The weather is going to warm up nicely now.

The cherry blossoms (sakura) are next. Everyone is excited and feels like spring is truly on its way.

The local plum blossom festival finished a few days ago, and we are already hearing about some 30~50% sakura blooms, so it’s all happening!

We’ll post some sakura soon, stay tuned.

Have fun at 花見 guys and gals!

恵方巻 Ehōmaki

The Mother of Rolled Sushi – The Ehomaki

The Mother of Rolled Sushi – The Ehōmaki

恵方巻 Ehōmaki
恵方巻 Ehōmaki

Today, the 3rd of February, is Setsubun (節分). It has to do with Spring and the lunar calendar, but you can learn more about that here (click for wiki).

So, what do you do on Setsubun besides throwing beans at demons while telling them to get out of your house while wishing for the good luck to come in? You have a sushi roll so thick that you can’t get your mouth around it of course!

You can get all kinds of sushi in this thick form – ALL kinds! Prawn with tartar sauce (pictured), Tuna (negitoro), fermented bean (nattō), salad/egg (sarada maki), pork schnitzel (hirekatsu) etc.

Looking at the picture you can see the words 二〇一四年は東北東 (nisenjūyonen ha tōhokutō), meaning; the year 2014 is East-northeast (the lucky direction that is…). This means that you need to eat your oversized sushi roll facing this direction. Another little condition which may or may not bother you, is that you aren’t supposed to cut your sushi roll.

So, did you have a Ehōmaki today? Did you throw some beans at the demons? Either way, it’s a good time to reflect and visualise all the bad things leaving your life while welcoming the good.

Happy Setsubun!