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Burger King Japan - Buzzer

Burger King Japan

Ever been to a Burger King in Japan?

Finally got to check out Burger King in Japan for the first time!

Known as Hungry Jack’s in Australia, for reasons which go beyond the scope of this post (see the wiki for details), it was good to finally eat a Whopper again!

As usual in Japan, it’s;

  1. Clean
  2. Fresh
  3. Polite
  4. More expensive (around 900 Yen for a medium Whopper with Cheese meal).

Ordering is pretty much the same deal, except I don’t remember getting handed a buzzer in Australia. There was also no all you can drink system – but that’s cool, I was never much of a re-filler anyway.

You can check out the Burger King Japan menu here. Below is a screenshot for reference. There are three whoppers to choose from (from left to right). 1: Whopper, 2: Whopper with Cheese, 3: Fresh Avocado Whopper.

Burger King Japan Website

In Aichi Prefecture, Burger King is located inside a large shopping mall in Chikusa called Aeon on the ground floor. It’s just a short walk from Tsurumai Station on the Tsurumai Subway Line. You’ll find Aeon on the subway station’s map up in the top left corner. Not too hard to find. Plenty of other shops to keep you busy while you’re there too.

You can find a full list of Burger King store locations in Japan here.

Enjoy, and let me know what you thought of your visit to BK… or… if you want to know more about it!

KFC Potato Chips @ Seven Eleven Japan

KFC Potato Chips @ Seven Eleven Japan

KFC Potato Chips

KFC Potato Chips @ Seven Eleven Japan

Ever walked into Seven Eleven with no idea what you might buy? That’s me about twice a week, sometimes fifty seven. I don’t buy chips very often, but this caught my attention and I couldn’t help myself.

What does it taste like?

If you’ve had KFC pieces, and like the taste of the batter/skin, then you’ll probably like these too. Pretty similar in flavour but not quite 100% there… It’s kinda like the Colonel only gave Calbee seven or eight of the secret ingredients.

Will you get addicted?

Probably not. I was expecting to get hooked but that didn’t happen. It was interesting and all, but it just didn’t do it for me.

In closing…

What Can i say, I’m a salt and vinegar kinda guy… The worst kind to be in Japan! (I can’t find a good supplier here… so please let me know if you know of any in the comments below!)

恵方巻 Ehōmaki

The Mother of Rolled Sushi – The Ehomaki

The Mother of Rolled Sushi – The Ehōmaki

恵方巻 Ehōmaki
恵方巻 Ehōmaki

Today, the 3rd of February, is Setsubun (節分). It has to do with Spring and the lunar calendar, but you can learn more about that here (click for wiki).

So, what do you do on Setsubun besides throwing beans at demons while telling them to get out of your house while wishing for the good luck to come in? You have a sushi roll so thick that you can’t get your mouth around it of course!

You can get all kinds of sushi in this thick form – ALL kinds! Prawn with tartar sauce (pictured), Tuna (negitoro), fermented bean (nattō), salad/egg (sarada maki), pork schnitzel (hirekatsu) etc.

Looking at the picture you can see the words 二〇一四年は東北東 (nisenjūyonen ha tōhokutō), meaning; the year 2014 is East-northeast (the lucky direction that is…). This means that you need to eat your oversized sushi roll facing this direction. Another little condition which may or may not bother you, is that you aren’t supposed to cut your sushi roll.

So, did you have a Ehōmaki today? Did you throw some beans at the demons? Either way, it’s a good time to reflect and visualise all the bad things leaving your life while welcoming the good.

Happy Setsubun!