足と脚の違い 『あし』 Lesson 002


足と脚の違い 『あし』 Lesson 002

Time for another kanji lesson. Same reading, slightly different meaning… 足と脚の違いって何?

This time, we’re looking at 「足」 and 「脚」. Both of these kanji are read  「あし」.

  1. 足- Think of this one as your foot (easy to remember by looking at the shape on the bottom. On the left is your heel and your toes are represented by the tapered side on the right.
  2. 脚 – This one here, is for your leg.

Thanks for reading this 漢字使い分け教室 series – stay tuned for future posts on this topic. I still have quite a few kanji to go through.