Difficult Japanese Kanji

Difficult Japanese Kanji: Tsuruma & Tsurumai


Difficult Japanese Kanji: Tsuruma & Tsurumai

Difficult Japanese Kanji
Tsurumai Station

Difficult Japaense kanji like this one can really make it hard for people… not to mention discouraging!

What do we have in this photo?

This is a directional sign in a local subway (Tsurumai Station on the Tsurumai Subway Line in Nagoya City). It displays information about the library, and the JR station.

What’s unusual about it?

Well… the one which I’ve numbered ①, is for the library. The place name 鶴舞 is read “tsuruma”. The one numbered ②, is for the JR station, and even though it uses the exact same kanji, it is read “tsurumai” (the subway station is also read this way).

In addition, there is also a park right outside exit 4, which is called Tsuruma Park (鶴舞公園) which also uses the same kanji.

How do you type it into your computer?

To get the characters up on your screen, you need to type in “tsurumai”… this will bring up 鶴舞.

Seriously, how much harder could a writing system get?

Do you know of any other really messed up kanji examples?