Jgram – Short for “A great website for learning Japanese grammar”


Grammar is not everyone’s favorite part of language learning. We all know that. How do you go about learning all the different structures in Japanese? There are so many different structures, and looking them up can be a real challenge sometimes. Many don’t have English equivalents, and using a dictionary is almost always useless.

Enter “Jgram“!

It’s so easy to look up structures and see actual examples in context.

It’s free to use and has a very intuitive interface. It’s also easy to copy and paste into a spreadsheet so you can make your own lists, and if you’re really keen, create Anki decks with.

You’ll find it has also been conveniently categorized into JLPT levels, making it even more useful when studying for that nasty grammar section.

Make sure you check it out. It is highly recommended.